BLADE Airport

BLADE Airport Is back—fly between Manhattan and JFK for $195 six days a week. Our regular by-the-seat BLADE Airport service between West 30th Street and JFK is available 7AM to 7PM on weekdays, and 3pm to 7pm on Sundays. Service to Newark, LaGuardia, and other airports will resume fall of 2021. Private, Crowdsource, and Shared Charter remain available to all area airports.

BLADE offers continuous service between all three Manhattan BLADE Lounges and JFK, Newark, and LaGuardia airports for $195/seat. Ground transportation between airport helipads and all commercial airline terminals is included.

Click Book Now below and select your desired curbside arrival time (for BLADE to the airport) or commercial flight arrival time (for BLADE from the airport) and an itinerary will be created for you.

Private charters are also available 24/7/365 between any combination of New York area private and commercial airports and heliports.

How it Works

To the Airport

From the Airport

User Benefits

  • Arrive in 5 minutes instead of spending hours in traffic
  • Just $195 per seat, beating the price of app-based SUVs during rush hour
  • Do you fly frequently? Save with BLADE Airport Passes.
  • Relax in a BLADE Lounge before and after an unforgettable flight above NYC
  • Ground transportation included between your helicopter and connecting flight

What Fliers are Saying

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