Essential Ground Connect

NYC Area Car Service

Essential Ground Connect provides SUVs in the New York City area for individuals, businesses, or communities in need of ground transport.

These SUVs have been reconfigured with a plexiglass partition between the driver and passenger rows. Each driver is subject to a comprehensive daily protocol created by BLADE's Medical Advisor and conducted by our MediMobility team, including driver temperature and oxygen level tests, health update interviews, and electrostatic decontamination of the vehicle interior.

Drivers, passengers, and BLADE personnel are required to wear masks or face shields throughout the duration of their trip.

Ride Prices

All rides are charged an initial deposit of $100. Final price, depending on route, will be provided after your order is placed. If you do not agree to the updated price you can cancel the ride for a full refund.


Tristate Area Price
Any trip within the Tristate Area $95/hr, 2hr min + taxes + fees*
Within the 5 Boroughs Price
Any trip within the 5 boroughs $75/hr + taxes + fees*
Newark <> Manhattan $165 + fees**
JFK <> Manhattan $175 + fees**
LaGuardia <> Manhattan $140 + fees**
Teterboro <> Manhattan $200
Westchester Airport <> Manhattan $250

*Book BLADE Airport and fly between Manhattan and JFK for $195/seat.

Hamptons (see zone explanation below)
East Hampton (Zone 1) <> Manhattan $485
East Hampton (Zone 2) <> Manhattan $545
Montauk (Zone 3) <> Manhattan $625
Hamptons Zone 2 <> Zone 1 or 3 $295
Hamptons Zone 1 <> Zone 3 $385

*All rides within the Five Boroughs may be subject to a Dispatch fee ($10), Black Car Fund Fee (2.5%), Inter-Borough fee ($45), NYC Congestion Fee ($2.75) and NY State Tax (8.875%).
**As of Monday, April 5, 2021, $2.50 Airport Access Fee to be charged for Black Car Vehicle passengers to be dropped off or picked up at the airports

Hamptons Zones

Zone 1: Shinnecock Canal to Water Mill Town Road
Zone 2: Water Mill Town Road to Old Northwest Road
Zone 3: Old Northwest Road to Montauk

Essential Ground Connect for Business

As companies plan to reopen their offices in New York City, it's highly important to mitigate any fears and concerns employees may have about commuting to and from work.

Typical business use cases include:
(i) Shared SUV ground transportation (max two passengers per vehicle) to shuttle employees between home and work
(ii) Standby vehicles pre-positioned at offices to enable immediate departure
(iii) Airport transfers

Significant discounts are available to companies making volume commitments. Please contact our corporate sales team here.

Health and Safety Protocol

Essential Ground Connect was originally launched by our MediMobility division to serve hospitals, including NYU Langone and Mount Sinai, helping to transport medical professionals and equipment.

BLADE Health and Safety Protocol was designed in conjunction with our Medical Advisor to protect our community from the further spread of COVID-19.

What makes Essential Ground Connect safe?
What is your health and safety protocol?
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Can I extend the length of my trip?
Will the driver help me with my luggage?
What is the capacity of each vehicle?
How do I get charged?
What if I can't find my vehicle?
When can I book these vehicles?
What is your cancellation policy?
Are my BLADE credits that I’ve accumulated eligible to use for Essential Ground Connect?
Can I donate BLADE credits to your relief efforts?