Join Team BLADE

Blade is a rapidly growing global air mobility platform utilizing a technology-powered, asset light model with unrivaled brand recognition. Although we are a public company, we still have a start-up culture (scrappy, nimble, entrepreneurial) and we are consistently focused on efforts to expand into new air mobility routes, grow our network of captive passenger infrastructure, and continue to optimize our technology stack.

Additionally, as the largest operator in the USA of "organ donor transfer" flights, we see good in what we do at Blade every day. Whether we are working days, nights or weekends, we put the same level of detailed focus and commitment into every flight, whether it's transporting a life-saving organ or commuters traveling for business or leisure.

We believe in hard work. It drives our growth, fortifies our productivity, and differentiates our competitive stature. We are accessible to our colleagues, partners and fliers 24 hours a day, enabling us to provide unmatched service every day. If your primary focus is your career, you'll fit in well at Blade. This company has unlimited growth potential, and we are building a culture that offers its employees the same.

We understand that details matter. Whether it's improving the strength of our brand or working to improve the flier experience, we demand precision in everything that we do.

We assess our performance in real time. We are never stagnant and own our failures and our successes at the Company, team, and individual levels.

Our mission is to listen to our customers and deliver a global service, utilizing world-class customer relations, proprietary technology, well-established relationships and operational mastery, that allows the customer (both passengers and hospitals) to feel pride, respect and trust for everyone at Blade.

Blade focuses on guiding employees to work in a supportive, collaborative manner across the organization as we create high-quality experiences and deliver consistently excellent end-to-end customer service.

Do you have passion for the work you do? Is your goal to work at a fast-paced, high-growth company with a globally recognized brand?

Well, look through these amazing opportunities below, and please apply where your skills and interests most align.