BLADE Urban Air Mobility

BLADE is a technology-powered, global urban air mobility platform committed to reducing travel friction by enabling cost-effective air transportation alternatives to some of the most congested ground routes in the U.S. and abroad.

No company flies more people in and out of city centers than BLADE. See BLADE's helicopter and jet charter routes.

With BLADE, you can book by-the-seat on scheduled flights throughout the Northeast and West Coast or charter or crowdsource a flight anywhere in the world. From the moment you book, you’ll experience a level of precision, culture of accommodation and on-the-ground experience that is unmatched. Whether you’re traveling by helicopter, seaplane or jet, BLADE is the most time-efficient, cost-effective and inspiring way to mitigate urban travel pain points that have increasingly become a significant part of our daily lives.

BLADE adheres to the most advanced Health and Safety Protocol in the aviation industry today.

The Future of Urban Air Mobility

Our long-term goal is to make aviation more accessible by preparing for the adoption of EVA (Electric Vertical Aircraft) quiet, carbon-neutral and cost-effective aircraft that are currently being developed by our investors and partners.

BLADE is an integral part of this urban mobility revolution and we invite you to fly the future today.

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BLADE is Carbon Neutral Today

One of our primary missions is to help passengers safely and reliably experience new ways of traveling with the highest respect for and least impact on our environment. Our business model enables people to share aircraft instead of flying alone, thus making air travel more fuel efficient in many instances than riding in an SUV alone.

Until such time that BLADE services have fully transitioned to carbon-zero EVA, we will continue to purchase offsets to counteract the carbon emissions generated by our urban air mobility services to remain carbon neutral as a company. BLADE endeavors to fund projects and/or purchase credits generated by projects in our primary service areas. For example, through the purchase of certain credits, we have recently supported a project to capture methane gases from one of the largest New York landfills, generating clean electrical power while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We believe that our fliers have a greater appreciation of our carbon neutral status when our purchase of credits has a positive impact on their own communities.

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Our Community

Our BLADE MediMobility group partners with local hospitals to provide cost-effective, rapid movement of organs and transplant teams to maximize success rates. One of the most important initiatives is our partnership with NYU Langone Health, through which we arrange on-demand helicopter missions for NYU transplant teams and donor organs.

If you’re interested in a philanthropic partnership with BLADE, please tell us more about your organization here.

After safety, being a good neighbor is BLADE’s top priority.

BLADE embraces numerous strategies to reduce the impact of noise on the communities we serve. Click here to learn more.

BLADE is also a founding member of the Alliance for Quiet and Electric Aviation (“AQEA”). AQEA’s mission is to accelerate the transition to quiet, emission-free, electric aircraft through the preservation of existing aviation and urban air mobility infrastructure, enabling safe and affordable aerial alternatives to ground transportation.

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There are many new aircraft being developed by established manufacturers as well as start ups. This overview of new EVA from TransportUp breaks down some great examples.