Help and FAQs

Below are our Frequently Asked Questions. Still have a question? Contact BLADE

How much luggage can I bring on my flight?
What is your weather policy? What if my flight can’t leave because of weather?
What is your Cancellation Policy? Once I’ve booked a seat, can I move to a different flight?
Do you charge a fee to book over the phone/email instead of on the BLADE app or website?
Do I need to bring an ID?
How does BLADE Airport work? What are travel times? Is ground transportation provided?
Do children need a seat?
Can my pet travel with me?
Where do flights depart and arrive? What are the airport addresses?
Why is my Charter still Pending, and not Confirmed yet?
What if I am late for my flight?
How do BLADE Credits work?
How long will it take to get to my destination?
What is the difference between a crowdsourced charter and a regular charter?
Are there additional fees that I may incur when I book travel?
Why does BLADE need to know my weight? Is there a weight limit for passengers?
If I have an allergy can I still fly?
What is BLADE? How does it work? Do I need a membership?
How does the BLADE referral code program work?
Does BLADE operate as an air carrier? Does BLADE own the aircraft I’m flying on?
Does BLADE offer helicopter tours?
Interested in a career with BLADE?