Get to the airport
in 5 minutes.

Fly between Manhattan and JFK or Newark
in 5 minutes from $195.

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Why Fly BLADE Airport?

Skip the traffic, get there
in 5 Minutes

Traveling between Manhattan and area airports is unpredictable and can take hours.

Checked-sized bags?

Preflight delivery upgrades available for checked size luggage at time of booking.

Enjoy more, on us

Have a drink on us at the BLADE Lounge before and after an unforgettable flight above NYC.

From $195 per seat

Beating the price of app-based SUVs during rush hour.

The Experience

Arrive in minutes. Get an unforgettable experience.
To the Airport
To the City

Relax in one of our renowned BLADE lounges before an unforgettable flight.

In your 5 minute flight, you won’t just see the city skyline, you’ll become a part of it.

Arrive at the airport where a private car will take you to your terminal door.

Continue on to your commercial flight.

When your commercial flight lands, we’ll contact you to coordinate your pickup.

You’ll meet your private driver who will take you to your helicopter.

In your 5 minute flight, you won’t just see the city skyline, you’ll become a part of it.

Arrive at our lounge and enjoy a drink on us.

What fliers are saying about BLADE Airport

Efficient and on point

Seamless experience to book a copter. Excited to fly Blade this weekend and get out of the city. Thinking about the time value of money, makes total sense to take a 30min flight...

- Ron B

Great App!

Fun and revolutionary app! Being able to get to the Hamptons in such little time is a great plus with Blade One service in the winter how could you go wrong! Love it!

- Mel G

Great flights

Took BLADE’s seaplanes round trip to East Hampton last weekend and was very impressed. Will definitely use these guys again.

- Norman M

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Frequent Flier

Get an Airport Pass and fly for as little as $95 – less than a car service.

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Where We Fly

Fly between BLADE Lounge West or East and JFK or Newark.

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About the Bell 407

The Bell 407 is a four-blade, single-engine, civil utility helicopter.

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