What Is A Phenom 300 Jet?

Key Takeaway:

  • The Phenom 300 jet is a popular light business jet produced by Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer. It is known for its speed, efficiency, and spacious cabin, making it a favorite among business travelers.
  • The Phenom 300 jet can reach speeds of up to 460 knots and has a range of up to 2,268 nautical miles. Its fuel efficiency and low operating costs make it a cost-effective option for businesses.
  • The Phenom 300 jet features a spacious cabin with comfortable seating for up to 10 passengers, making it ideal for longer flights. It also includes advanced avionics and a range of safety features, ensuring a smooth and secure flight experience.

Introduction to Phenom 300 Jet

If you’re searching for a high-performance and cost-effective aircraft, the Phenom 300 jet is an excellent option worth considering. In this section, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the Phenom 300 jet, including its features, specifications, and advantages.

We’ll start by examining the general characteristics and capabilities of this popular aircraft. Next, we’ll provide a brief history of the development of the Phenom 300 jet, which highlights the design objectives and milestones achieved by its manufacturer. Finally, we’ll expand on how the Phenom 300 jet has revolutionized air travel, and the various industries it benefits.

Overview of the Phenom 300 Jet

The Phenom 300 jet is a popular light business jet, manufactured by the Brazilian aerospace company, Embraer. It features Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E turbofan engines and other highlights such as swept wings, a T-tail configuration, retractable tricycle landing gear and winglets.

This jet also has a private rear lavatory, Bossa Nova interior option, and can be configured for medevac purposes. Its Garmin-G3000-based Prodigy Touch avionics, runway overrun awareness and alerting system and single-point refueling further enhance its capabilities.

Key details:

  • Crew capacity of 1-2 and a passenger capacity of 6-10.
  • Length of 16.8 m, wingspan of 16.9 m, and a height of 5.1 m.
  • Maximum takeoff weight is 8,074 kg, fuel capacity of 3,433 kg,
  • Range of 3,745 km and a maximum speed of 839 km/h. Service ceiling of 45,000 ft.

Owners must take into account the high purchase cost, depreciation and interest payments. Plus, fixed costs such as maintenance, fuel and storage for their annual budget of flying hours. Consulting Jet Advisors or Liberty Jet can help with estimation and management of these costs. Despite some past accidents, the Phenom 300 has an overall solid safety record, with design and structural improvements.

History and Development of Phenom 300 Jet

The Phenom 300 is a private jet made by Embraer, a Brazilian aerospace company. Twin Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E turbofans power it. They offer great speeds for climbing, cruising, and descending. It’s a cantilever monoplane made from composite materials. It has a medevac configuration and can carry nine passengers. Its maximum takeoff weight is 17,968 lbs.

Development of the Phenom 300 began in 2005. It flew for the first time in 2008. That same year, the FAA approved it. Since then, its efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness have made it popular with private jet users. It has an impressive fuel burn rate of 96 gallons per hour. Its pressurization system maintains a pleasant cabin height, width, and length. Ground Power Mode allows engines to be started from outside the aircraft.

Despite some past accidents, the Phenom 300 is still a safe option. It’s also a popular choice for charter services or Jet Management. It can be flown by one pilot and is available for purchase and consulting at a competitive price.

Technical Specifications of Phenom 300 Jet

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Engine Performance and Fuel Efficiency

The Phenom 300 Jet is fitted with two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E turbofan engines. They give 3,360 pounds of thrust per engine. These engines are known for excellent high-performance and fuel efficiency. It is certified for single-pilot operation and has an impressive safety record – no hull-loss accidents or fatalities.

Its climb speed is 2,100 feet per minute. Cruise speed is 453 knots and descent speed is 2,100 feet per minute. The jet’s range is 1,971 nautical miles. Structural life is 35,000 flight hours or 60,000 cycles. Take-off distance is 3,209 feet and landing distance is 2,953 feet – suitable for airports with short runways.

The Phenom 300 Jet has an equipped price of $9.45 million. Private Jet Cards and Private Jet Charter services are available for those who don’t want to buy a jet. This jet is popular for its engine performance, fuel efficiency and impressive technical specs, making it a top choice for private jet travel.

Avionics and Technology Features

The Phenom 300 jet, made by Embraer, is a luxurious business jet. It has twin Pratt & Whitney Canada engines and can take off with 17,968 lbs. The cabin is 5.1 ft wide and 17.2 ft long. It can descend at 3,360 ft per minute. Its NBAA IFR reserves are 1,093 nm. Embraer has tested the Phenom 300 rigorously to ensure it meets MTOW, SL, and ISA performance standards.

Interested in buying it? Or just want to learn more? Contact Embraer for an estimate and consultation.

Cabin Comfort and Interior Design of the Phenom 300 Jet

The Phenom 300 jet is produced by Embraer, a Brazilian aerospace manufacturer. It first flew in 2008 and has been delivered to hundreds of customers worldwide. This jet is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada engines and has a max takeoff weight of 17,000+ pounds. It has a range of 2,000 nautical miles and a top speed of Mach 0.78.

The cabin is spacious, with a width of 5.1 feet and length of 17.2 feet. Customers can customize the interior design, including seating, cabinetry, and amenities. It has a low cost per mile making it an affordable choice.

It can handle various takeoff and landing situations with quick ascending and descending speeds. It is type certified, manufactured in Melbourne, Florida, and sold globally. Assembly sites are located in Blackbushe Airport, Hampshire and Provo Municipal Airport, Utah. Its success has led to other models such as the Legacy 450 and Embraer Legacy 500.

Competitive Advantage of Phenom 300 Jet

The Phenom 300 jet has been making waves in the world of aviation due to its impressive capabilities and features. In this section, we will analyze the competitive advantage of the Phenom 300 jet, particularly in the market of light business jets.

First, we will conduct a thorough market analysis of light business jets to understand the context in which the Phenom 300 operates.

Then, we will compare the Phenom 300 to its competitors to pinpoint exactly what sets it apart and makes it a top choice for discerning buyers.

Finally, we will examine the potential for future expansion and growth in this market segment.

Market Analysis of Light Business Jets

The Phenom 300 is a much-craved light business jet known for its outstanding performance, comfort, and affordability. Its advanced engineering and design, particularly the PW535E engine by Pratt & Whitney Canada, have made it a standout in the market.

It has a roomy cabin measuring 17.17 feet in length and 5.08 feet in width, seating up to nine passengers – giving it an advantage in the highly-competitive light business jet industry.

Boasting a range of 1,971 nautical miles and a top speed of 521 mph, the Phenom 300 boasts excellent capabilities. It’s from Brazil but has seen rising sales since its certification in 2008 – demonstrating its great performance and cost-savings on acquisition and operation.

All in all, the Phenom 300’s modern engineering, commodious cabin, and adept Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E engine have made it a popular option for business travelers, helping it secure a major position in the light business jet market.

Competitors Comparison of Phenom 300 Jet

The Phenom 300 jet is an ideal pick for corporate bosses, small business owners, and private jet charter companies. It has a few upper hands over its competitors in the light jet class:

  1. Powerplant: It’s fitted with two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E turbofan engines, giving a peak thrust of 3,360 pounds each. This means improved fuel efficiency, faster climb rates, and more rapid cruise speeds.

  2. Cabin Width and Length: With a cabin width of 5.1 feet and a length of 17.2 feet, the Phenom 300 offers plenty of space for passengers. It can hold 7-9 people comfortably and provides plenty of headroom and legroom.

  3. First Flight and Type Certification: The first flight of the Phenom 300 happened in 2008, and the type certification was granted in 2009. Since then, upgrades and modifications have been made to boost performance and safety standards.

  4. National Origin: Embraer, a Brazilian firm with a track record of dependable, high-grade aircraft, made the Phenom 300 with pride.

In summary, the Phenom 300 is a top pick if you’re searching for a luxury, cost-effective light jet with excellent performance. It has powerful engines, a roomy cabin, and advanced safety features – sure to please even the most demanding passengers! Pro tip: When you’re looking for an aircraft, compare all the options and focus on the features you need most.

Current Trends and Outlook for the Phenom 300 Jet

In this section, we will examine the current trends and outlook for the Phenom 300 Jet, a popular luxury aircraft among private jet buyers. First, we’ll analyze the private jet industry as a whole, taking a deep dive into the driving factors behind the industry’s growth. Next, we’ll explore the future growth and opportunities for the Phenom 300 Jet, including potential new markets and technological advancements. Lastly, we’ll discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the Phenom 300 Jet market, and how the pandemic has affected both the supply and demand of private jets.

Analysis of the Private Jet Industry

The private jet industry has been thriving. High net worth individuals, corporations & luxury travellers are fueling the growth. COVID-19 has further increased demand for private jets as a safer option than commercial airlines.

The Phenom 300 jet by Embraer is a popular light jet. It boasts exceptional speed, range & a sophisticated cabin design. 500 units have been delivered worldwide & it can seat up to 8 passengers.

Private jet market & Phenom 300 jet are poised for more success. When buying or renting a private jet, budget & safety must be taken into account. It’s best to get help from an experienced broker or consultant.

Future Growth and Opportunities for Phenom 300 Jet

The Phenom 300 Jet is soaring in the aviation industry! Its versatility, speed and efficiency make it a popular choice among execs, entrepreneurs and aviation fans. Recent research shows the jet’s impressive performance, cost-effectiveness and growing popularity. It’s now one of the best-selling business jets in recent years.

Private air travel is gaining traction and the demand for jets like the Phenom 300 is increasing. The jet’s cabin length can seat up to ten passengers comfortably. It provides plenty of legroom and amenities, making it a great choice for business travelers in need of privacy and comfort.

The Phenom 300 Jet has a bright future in the aviation industry! Its sleek design, advanced technology and impressive cabin length make it a top pick for those searching for a business jet.

Impact of COVID-19 on the Phenom 300 Jet Market

COVID-19 has had a big effect on the Phenom 300 jet market. Demand has gone down, travel is restricted, and the economy isn’t great. In 2020, only 50 of these jets were delivered – 20% less than the year before.

Analysts think the market will start to grow again. As travel restrictions ease, private air travel is becoming more popular. Embraer, who makes the Phenom 300, is improving it to stay competitive.

Investors and buyers must stay informed. The pandemic has hurt the aviation industry, but it could recover. It’s important to stay hopeful.


As we come to the end of our analysis of the Phenom 300 jet, it’s time to take a step back and consider the big picture. In this section, we’ll provide a summary of our analysis so far, highlighting the key takeaways and insights about what makes the Phenom 300 jet unique. We’ll then turn our attention to some final thoughts on the Phenom 300 jet and its place in the private jet industry. By the end of this section, you’ll have a better understanding of what sets this aircraft apart and why it deserves recognition as one of the leading private jets on the market.

Summary of Phenom 300 Jet Analysis

The Phenom 300 jet is a favorite for private and corporate travel. It is incredibly fast, boasting a top speed of 521 mph and a range of 2,268 nautical miles. It can reach a cruising altitude of 45,000 feet in just 20 minutes.

Its cabin is comfortable and roomy, measuring 4.9 feet in height and 5.1 feet in width. It has all the amenities such as wifi, entertainment systems, and a fully stocked galley.

Moreover, it is equipped with top of the line technology, like a touch-screen cockpit display, fly-by-wire, and enhanced vision system. Additionally, the Phenom 300 is very safe, with a synthetic vision system, automatic engine thrust control, and anti-skid brakes.

All in all, this jet is reliable, efficient, and perfect for short to mid-range trips with a few people.

Final Thoughts on the Phenom 300 Jet and its Place in the Private Jet Industry

The Phenom 300 jet is a top choice for those who seek only the best! With a range of over 2,000 nautical miles, this light business jet is fast and flexible.

It can fit up to 10 passengers, with comfortable seating, advanced entertainment systems, and a fully-equipped galley. Plus, the Phenom 300 offers advanced safety features. Such as a cutting-edge avionics suite, advanced aerodynamics, and a state-of-the-art emergency parachute system.

This well-designed and well-rounded aircraft has gained a great reputation. Its impressive performance and luxurious amenities make it an excellent option for those who want a top-notch private jet experience. Whether for business or pleasure, the Phenom 300 jet won’t let you down!

Five Facts About the Phenom 300 Jet:

  • The Phenom 300 is a light business jet aircraft produced by Embraer. (Source: Embraer)
  • It has a range of up to 2,010 nautical miles and can fly at a maximum speed of 518 mph. (Source: Embraer)
  • The interior of the Phenom 300 can be customized to fit the needs of the owner, with options for seating, lighting, and entertainment systems. (Source: Jet Advisors)
  • It has advanced avionics, including a Prodigy Touch Flight Deck, which integrates multiple functions into two 14-inch touchscreens. (Source: Aviation International News)
  • The Phenom 300 is one of the world’s best-selling business jets, with over 500 aircraft delivered since its introduction in 2010. (Source: Aerospace Technology)

FAQs about What Is An Phenom 300 Jet?

What is a Phenom 300 jet?

The Phenom 300 is a light business jet produced by Brazilian aerospace company, Embraer. It is recognized for its powerful performance and advanced technologies, making it popular among business and private jet owners.

What are the features of a Phenom 300 jet?

The Phenom 300 jet features a spacious cabin with comfortable seating for up to 10 passengers. It is equipped with powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E engines, allowing it to fly at speeds of up to Mach 0.78. It also includes the Garmin Prodigy flight deck, which provides state-of-the-art avionics for a safe and efficient flight.

What is the range for a Phenom 300 jet?

The Phenom 300 jet has a range of around 2,000 nautical miles, or about 2,300 miles. This means it can fly nonstop from New York to Miami, or San Francisco to Chicago.

What is the price for a Phenom 300 jet?

The price for a Phenom 300 jet varies depending on the configuration, options, and other factors. Generally, the price ranges from $8 million to $10 million for a new Phenom 300.

What are some notable competitors to the Phenom 300 jet?

The Phenom 300 competes with other light business jets such as the Cessna Citation CJ4, Beechcraft Premier 1A, and the HondaJet Elite.

Is the Phenom 300 jet a reliable aircraft?

Yes, the Phenom 300 jet has a reputation for being a reliable and safe aircraft. It has been praised for its innovative design, advanced technologies, and outstanding performance capabilities.