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BLADE Secures Up to 20 BETA Technologies Electric Vertical Aircraft for Delivery in 2024

April 13, 2021
BLADE’s asset-light business model leverages its strong flight volume and third-party financing relationships to facilitate the purchase of BETA’s ALIA Electric Vertical Aircraft by BLADE’s network of operators in 2024. BETA will provide and install charging infrastructure at BLADE’s key terminal locations to enable their use for quiet, zero-emission urban air mobility services

BLADE Announces Alliance With Vertiport Chicago

February 18, 2021
BLADE partner, Helicopters, Inc., to position rotorcraft on-site for flight operations and to grow Blade’s MediMobility human organ transport business.
Vertiport Chicago to be rebranded Vertiport Chicago Powered by BLADE.

BLADE and Ross Aviation Announce Strategic Alliance

January 08, 2021
BLADE to launch air commuter service between the Westchester/Connecticut area and New York City
BLADE and Ross Aviation to work together to mutually develop plans for a vertiport in Westchester and to offer BLADE services at Ross Aviation locations in Massachusetts and California

BLADE to Become Publicly Traded on NASDAQ

Blade to become publicly listed on NASDAQ through a business combination with Experience Investment Corp. (NASDAQ: EXPC), a public entity sponsored by an affiliate of KSL Capital Partners, following expected transaction close in the first half of 2021.

BLADE Becomes The First Aviation Company to Integrate Pre-flight COVID-19 Testing For Jet Service Within The United States

BLADE Urban Air Mobility (“BLADE”) is now the first aviation company to offer and require pre-boarding COVID-19 testing for scheduled jet service within the United States. The requirement applies to all passengers, cabin attendants and BLADE lounge employees for all shared jet flights.

BLADE offers weekly scheduled jet service between New York, Miami and Aspen. Flights operate from private BLADE Lounges in Manhattan, Westchester and Miami in addition to a private aviation terminal in Aspen.
The pre-boarding testing (administered prior to check-in) is performed on-site by CrowdRX, a division of Global Medical Response, one of the largest medical response companies in the world, treating over 10 million patients last year.

Melissa Tomkiel, General Counsel and President of Fixed Wing at BLADE said, “BLADE was the first aviation company to require mandatory blood oxygen saturation and temperature screening for all of its flights starting back in March. Testing was always on our timeline for our shared jet services. Now that we are satisfied with the safety, reliability, and ease of our testing program, it has been integrated into our pre-boarding protocols.”

The aircraft used for both BLADEone jet service to Miami and Aspen are an integral part of the company’s health and safety protocol. The BLADEone jets are commercial sized jets, normally accommodating 65 passengers, that have been retrofitted for only 8 passengers on each side of the fuselage–so every seat is both an aisle and window seat. The aircraft used for BLADE Aspen is a similar configuration but accommodates 14 passengers.

In addition to the mandatory pre-boarding testing program, all passengers and BLADE SKYcx are screened for temperature and blood oxygen saturation levels providing an additional layer of safety. Lavatories onboard are also sanitized after each use and all passengers and crew must wear masks at all times except during dining.

“Our integrated testing program has been well received by our passengers. It’s a quick process and has provided our passengers with peace of mind that has yet to be achieved by the U.S. commercial airline industry”, said Tomkiel.

BLADE’s health and safety protocol across all of its products and services in the U.S. and India have been designed by Dr. Andrew Bazos, Founder and Managing Director of CrowdRX and designated Medical Director for FEMA In New York City.

Health and Safety Protocol

BLADE Health and Safety Protocol was designed by BLADE’s MediMobility team in conjunction with our Medical Advisor to protect our community from the further spread of COVID-19.

Ground Connect

Reserve a safe SUV for essential ground transport within the New York City area. All drivers and vehicles follow strict Health and Safety Protocol designed for this unique moment in time.


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