BLADE Lands in Europe

BLADE has officially expanded to Europe and you can now fly our private charter service, BLADE Anywhere, with the same level of service, style, and precision you enjoy with BLADE by-the-seat flights.

A fleet of helicopters are available to fly you and your guests to any of BLADE Europe's current destinations.

Charter your own flight on your terms, and your schedule.

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Experience Next-Level Charter With BLADE

Unlike other charter options, which may leave you to fend for yourself, the BLADE team remains with you every step of the way–from booking to landing. You'll have your own flier-relations advocate managing and monitoring your mission, available 24/7.

Charter South of France

Charter between the French Riviera: Nice, Monaco, Saint Tropez, and Cannes.


Depart or arrive directly from Nice Airport for unmatched access to the Capital of the French Riviera.


Fly directly over the Mediterranean coastline—swapping hours of traffic for a panoramic and breathtaking flight along the unmatched vistas of the French Riviera.

Saint Tropez

Charter to St. Tropez for a perfect beach getaway. We can land at vineyards, private homes and certain hotels upon request.


Our convenient Cannes Helistop—located right off Port Cannes—offers you unparalleled access to the famed resort town and its beaches.

Need More Information?

BLADE is an air charter broker and tourism intermediate. BLADE does not have operational authority over aircraft. All flights are operated by licensed air carriers.