On Monday, April 8th, BLADE has the best views of the solar eclipse this side of the moon

In a twist of cosmic fate, BLADE will extend the time you spend in the air rather than shorten it during the solar eclipse on April 8.

Take off from Teterboro at 1:00PM to meet the moonshadow above Buffalo. BLADE’s impeccable timing will bring you into the oncoming path of totality, where you will watch the celestial event unfold from up to 15,000 feet in the air, above any cloud obstruction.

Fly along the moon’s path as it moves northeast, extending your viewing time as the sun is fully covered.

After the moon passes the sun, you’ll return to Earth at Teterboro Airport by 4:00PM , without having to land in Buffalo.

For $1,975 per seat, the Solar Eclipse Package includes:

  • Seat on a flight from Teterboro to Buffalo and back on a Pilatus to see the Solar Eclipse (no landing)
  • Ability to see the solar eclipse and fly along the moon's path
  • AAS-approved and CE-certified solar eclipse glasses so you can safely enjoy direct views of the eclipse
  • Snacks and drinks provided in-flight

There are only a few seats available. Our next flight into the totality won’t take off for another 20 years.

Solar Eclipse flights are non-refundable.