BLADE Flier Profiles: Lloyd Danzig

Welcome back to Flier Profiles, a series featuring some of our most driven and entrepreneurial passengers. This week we're talking to Lloyd Danzig, an NYC-based executive and frequent traveler.

The Chairman of ICED (AI), which promotes awareness and informed discussions about the ethical dilemmas in Artificial Intelligence, as well as the CEO of Sharp Alpha Advisors, a consulting firm in the sports gaming space, Danzig sat down with BLADE and talked about why he flies, how he uses BLADE and why the journey is just as important as the destination.

What's your biggest travel hack?

I think that the single greatest hack that really just permanently changed my relationship with travel is shifting to a mindset where the journey is just as important as the destination.

For example, if you have some flexibility and you have some time to do some diligence, you can use nested itineraries to leverage strategic stopovers and optimize for different frequent flyer programs in such a way that lets you visit more cities, flying in more premium cabins and spend less or the same amount of money.

And BLADE fits perfectly into this equation, where not only do I save time and aggravation in terms of getting to the airport, but I live in a world now where getting to the airport is the highlight of my entire trip.

What are your personal and professional goals for 2020?

So 2019 was was a great year, and I accomplished a lot, but looking into 2020 and beyond, it's bearing witness to an unprecedented level of transformational technological advancement. And I'm really hoping to leverage the success that I've had and the network that I've been able to build to ensure that these technological developments are ultimately a force for good.

How did you discover BLADE?

I saw the Airport Pass PLUS that you guys offer, which makes it more efficient to get to and from the airport. That was a game-changer. I will travel to 94 cities in 23 countries this year. And I'll use BLADE to get to and from the airport any one of those times.

Why do you keep using BLADE?

BLADE saves me the time and the aggravation which is associated with finding a cab or train to the airport. BLADE is in touch with its end-user.