BLADE Holiday Edit 2021

Black Friday landed early for BLADE. Give the ultimate present with the gift of BLADE to even the most ungiftable friends and family.

All gifts, including BLADE Airport, Airport Pass Plus, BLADE-GX, BLADE Unlimited, and Two Roundtrip BLADEone Flights between New York and Miami or Palm Beach, are presented in a gift box with a titanium BLADE gift access card, iconic BLADE sippy cups, and a handwritten note you dictate.

Here are a few gift options that are sure to drop jaws and will stand up amongst the ties, sweaters and scented candles.

And remember, any of these gifts would be perfect for treating yourself as well—you've probably earned it.

BLADE Airport

Why not give your friends and family the gift of time? With BLADE Airport, they can fly between Manhattan and JFK or Newark in just 5 minutes at less than the cost of an Uber. Substitute their 2+ hour drive to the airport with just a 5-minute flight. They will become addicted.

Price: $195

BLADE Airport Pass Plus

Looking for the perfect gift for a business or leisure travel warrior? Consider BLADE Airport Pass Plus which allows for increased flight savings with $100 off every BLADE Airport flight taken within 12 months from the time of purchase. That's unlimited BLADE Airport flights all year long for only $95 each—less than the cost of an Uber and it applies to flights between Manhattan and JFK or Newark interchangeably.

Price: $795


Know an on-the-go friend or family member who is 28-or-under? Treat them with access to BLADE-GX. Membership unlocks significantly reduced fares when booking by-the-seat flights to the Hamptons, Nantucket, Miami, and Palm Beach on the go and grants you year-round access to BLADE’s entire calendar of exclusive social events. BLADE-GX pays for itself after just two flights or just one BLADEone flight. Click here to see coverage on the most recent BLADE-GX event of the season.

Price: $295

BLADE Hamptons Unlimited

Ever think of buying a helicopter or seaplane for a loved one? Probably not—and we can't blame you. With BLADE Unlimited, you are providing your gift recipient essentially the same, with unlimited flights between Manhattan and the Hamptons all summer long (valid between Memorial Day and Labor Day).

Price: $22,000

Two Roundtrip BLADEone Flights Between New York and Miami or Palm Beach

If you've ever experienced BLADEone's enhanced aviation service, you know that the commercial-sized jets normally accommodate 65 passengers and have been retrofitted for only 16 passengers, in-flight service provided by our renowned BLADE SKYfx, and the world-class in-flight dining and caviar service speaks for itself. Gift the experience of BLADEone, the best way to travel between New York and Miami or Palm Beach—and enable those special in your life to Fly Without Compromise.

Price: $10,000

After booking, call Flier Relations at 1-844-359-2523 to confirm your itinerary.


Want to gift something a little more wearable? Prefer to sip holiday cocktails out of BLADE's iconic sippy cup? Head to our store for new BLADE gear and exclusive drops normally reserved for only our fliers.