BLADE Health and Safety Protocol

The following Health and Safety Protocol was designed by BLADE’s MediMobility team in conjunction with our Medical Advisor to protect our community from the further spread of COVID-19. We are continually monitoring the latest technology and procedures from around the world to ensure the health, safety, and security of our passengers. Our protocol is further advanced by BLADE introducing a mandatory pre-boarding testing program, click here to learn more.

  • All in-flight passengers, pilots, crew (if applicable), and BLADE employees:

    • Are required to wear masks or face shields (and sanitary gloves for pilots and employees).

  • All aircraft interiors are electrostatically decontaminated using an airline-grade fogging system before every flight.

  • Negative pre-boarding COVID-19 test results are required for all BLADE shared jet flights. See BLADEone Miami, BLADEone Aspen, and other Shared Jet Charters section below.


All the standard protocols above plus:

  • This season we have reconfigured our accessible fleet to allow each passenger to have their own window seat, separated from other passengers by an aisle, and eliminated bench seating (unless requested by two individuals flying together).


All the standard protocols above plus:

  • Helicopter headphones (utilized on certain aircraft) will be sanitized before each flight and microphones removed.

  • Depending on passenger weight, height, and age (e.g. children), BLADE will make appropriate changes to enable additional physical distancing and seating capacity onboard.

BLADEone Miami, BLADEone Aspen, and other Shared Jet Charters:

All the standard protocols above plus:

  • All passengers must undergo mandatory on-site pre-boarding COVID-19 testing performed by CrowdRX, a division of Global Medical Response. For passengers who would prefer a test administered by their own provider, acceptable negative test results include those produced by a certified test taken within 24 hours of your departure (please call for details regarding test certification). Click here to read the COVID-19 Testing press release.

  • BLADE SKYcx flight attendants are required to wear face shields, masks, and gloves at all times.

  • Masks are mandatory for all passengers when not eating and drinking.

  • The BLADEone aircraft are commercial-sized jets, normally accommodating 65 passengers, which have been retrofitted for only 8 passengers on each side of the fuselage—so every seat is both an aisle and a window seat. The aircraft used for BLADEone Aspen is a similar configuration but accommodates only 14 passengers.

  • Meals are served fully covered.

  • Aircraft lavatories are sanitized following each use.

For any questions, please contact Flier Relations via email or call 1-844-359-2523. For more COVID-19 travel-related information, please refer to these CDC guidelines.

Meet BLADE's Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Andrew Bazos is at the forefront of the relief efforts surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and was recently appointed as Designated Medical Director of FEMA in New York City. Dr. Bazos is Advisor to BLADE and BLADE MediMobility. Read more about Dr. Bazos.